Improve Your Relationship to Food and Your Body,

Ignite Your Divine Intuition

Find Your Feminine Power

Hello Sister...I am so glad you are here.

Let me remind you...The way OUT is IN when it comes to your relationship to food and your body.

I KNOW. It can be a little dark and scary IN there. Perhaps you need someone to hold your hand.

And that is exactly what I do. I help you learn to navigate your way IN, get to know your body, respect your body, listen to your body and trust your body and all its wisdom.

In this 6 month personal inquiry you will be guided through the tried and true practices and strategies to make a lasting change from the inside out.

You thought finally this week you would make a little time for yourself to bask in the wild bliss of your true nature but realized (again) that you are over scheduled with work meetings and kid activities and YOU are at the bottom of your own to-do list.

You get so tired and busy that feeding yourself becomes another thing on your to-do list that you barely find time to get to unless it's from the grab-and-go section of whole foods (or maybe the drive through) in-between work and your endless list of errands .

Your thoughts and feelings about your body are HEAVY.  Most days you find yourself counting your calories instead of counting your blessings.

Cooking healthy food sounds enticing while you peruse Pinterest, but once you think of gathering the ingredients, and finding your way into your kitchen you find yourself familiarly overwhelmed and you decide you would rather eat popcorn on the couch.


You are NOT alone...

full of tried and true SOLUTIONS that really work.



We are here together to take a dive into deep healing for your body and soul, while you practice with potent teachings that will open your heart to trust, your mind to possibility and your body to its organic wisdom.

I am chock full of resources for you including INSPIRING content, EXTRAORDINARY international guest teachers, rituals, reflective resources, recipes, age old yogic wisdom and a wide array of support to help you find YOUR way IN.

The struggles women have around food and their bodies is what I consider one of the most complex and prevalent issues of our time.

I am SUE VAN RAES and I am devoted to healing the feminine through food, mind-body connection and pleasure, one meal at a time.

Over the past 15 years I have guided thousands of women into a more balanced, empowered and pleasurable relationship to food, body and health.

I am all about sharing EVERYTHING I live and teach…an exciting fusion of my work as a nutritional therapist, food psychology specialist and yogini.

Let's connect! I am here to remind you that everything you need is already within you. Your relationship to yourself is the most important relationship you have. The Yoga of Eating is the sacred space and community for you to practice being guided back to yourself.

"This is not a one-way approach to change, but a conscious collaboration between you and me."  

fade-leftfade-rightWhat We Will Cover Each Month:

Module 1 ~ January


  • Clear, Prepare, Vision, Set Intention
  • Learn the foundations of TRUE FOOD eating
  • Set yourself up for SUCCESS

Module 2 ~ February

Become the Wild Witness

  • Witness, watch, Listen, Reveal
  • Experience your reflection in the art of self study
  • Create a sacred container to SEE

Module 3 ~ March

Raise your VIBRATION

  • Learn the self-care super-foods
  • Become a heroine in your own life AND in your eating
  • Ascend into your greatness and super powers

Module 4 ~April

Find your Fluid TRUTH

  • Find connection between personal fulfillment and food
  • Connect to your inner rhythms of body and earth.
  • Honor your body and all its wisdom.

Module 5 ~ May

Love your BODY, Love YOURSELF

  • Experience food as a practice (sadhana)
  • Create ritual, sacred space, and food practices that sustain you.
  • Embrace your feminine nature in eating and living

Module 6 ~ June

The Pleasure Project

  • Awaken your inner Aphrodite (mmmhmm)
  • Supplement your vitamin P (pleasure)
  • Practice the ART of SENSUAL eating
  • Choco-love yourself

"Sue provides a cornucopia of inspiration, advice, and information that can transform your life and your health."

Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D. - OB/GYN and author of the New York Times best sellers: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

I know you want to IMPROVE your relationship to food and your body through SELF-CARE PRACTICES that nourish you from the inside out.

I know you want to OVERCOME emotional eating by developing an intimate partnership with your MIND and BODY

I know you want to REMEMBER YOUR POWER in the way you create PURPOSE, PASSION and PLEASURE in life and in your health.

It's time to cozy up, settle in, and begin our journey to embrace the beautiful transformation of connecting with your inner sanctuary and unleashing your true self.

  • Discover how to Improve your relationship to food and your body
  • Learn to move from deep intuition and mind-body connection
  • Find your pleasure, presence and personal POWER
  • Engage with loving support from a worldwide sisterhood community
  • Attune to your innate feminine rhythms of body and earth
  • Take home soulful rituals, reflections and resources
  • Nourish yourself (body, mind and spirit) from the inside out.

"Sue Van Raes has taken on a beautiful mission - to help heal the feminine when it comes to food, body, and soul. Sue provides a wonderful gathering of resources, information, wisdom and story that touches the heart and reminds us that the journey of the feminine is unique, special and powerful. The simple and practical insights that Sue offers are a great distillation of some of the more useful health principles of our time. This work is honest, heartfelt, and much needed."

Marc David - author and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating


 The Yoga of Eating is a supportive container and community that will guide you through the tried and true age-old and new practices that shift, transform, engage, and inspire you to remember how to celebrate your eating and your life.

The Yoga of Eating is an innovative and soulful approach to healing and health.  This dynamic combination of Nutritional Therapy, Food Psychology , The Science of Self-Care, Ritual and Reflection, Yoga Philosophy and Spiritual Practice meets the current issues we face in our world as women seeking to bring back the sacred in our lives and our bodies.



"We all need an owner’s manual to our own bodies. Sue Van Raes offers us just that. It is as though Van Raes is a trusted girlfriend, sharing secrets to health over a cup of comforting herbal tea, Sue offers what many of us have been looking for to provide the suggestions to reboot our own lives. As a twenty-year practitioner of holistic disciplines including Yoga and Ayurveda, I learned many key lessons from this work and look forward to sharing it with my students and clients."

Felicia Tomaskso - Editor in Chief, LA Yoga and Find Bliss magazines

"Sue Van Raes deepens our conversation on women’s health and happiness, leaving us more empowered and spiritually connected in our daily lives. Sue offers a dynamic approach to healing the feminine through food, mind-body connection and intuition. This is an important work for women of our time!"

Sara Avant Stover - author and founder of The Way of the Happy Woman.

"I have known Sue since she first began her education in nutrition. We shared an office for several years and I have watched her grow into an ever more wise, kind human being, practitioner and teacher. She understands the causes of illness and suffering and is skilled in guiding women back to Health. Sue’s ways of living, her work and her book are one. That is about as good a compliment as I can pay anyone."

Charley Cropley, N.D.

You Are Not Alone:

I know you may FEEL alone. Feeling stuck in your life and your relationship to food and your body can be isolating. We tend to get stuck in our heads and shut down in our hearts.I know how you feel. Along with my own personal journey, I have worked with hundreds of women who have gone through this personal revolution in my practice, programs and retreats. Most of them started off feeling just like you.

History shows how women have tended to each other, supported each other, and provided the safety of a healing container for personal revolution since the beginning of time. We are sisters on this path to freedom. It is in part of our genetics, embedded in our higher selves, and infused in our beings.



You must know this One universal truth: Your BODY wants to HEAL. Your body’s innate wisdom is on a path to keep you safe, strong, healthy and vital. It is your true nature. It is the nature of every creature on the planet. It IS nature. It is divine guidance. When given the right tools, practices, food and self-love the rest is a magical, mystical universal intervention towards your greater self and strength.   There is no escaping the benefit of your actions here! Learning to listen to, trust, and move WITH your body’s wisdom is a big part of our work together. This consciousness + instinct will not only enhance your health and body, but will also EMPOWER you in every area of your life



I understand that thoughts about health, body, emotional eating and overwhelm can consume your lives. Not only do we get stuck in negative thought patterns but we lose sight of the beauty that surrounds us. We detach from those we love, and get way too freaked out to reach out and ask for help. This is the opposite of FREEDOM. It’s scary, anxiety inducing and destructive.



You are here on this planet to share your unique gifts. You are here to live out your purpose and make a difference in your circle of life. It is hard to show up, give back, and support those you love when you are consumed with self-loathing, critical, shaming and blaming thoughts isn’t it?

Say goodbye to being imprisoned by your own self-sabotage and HELLO to the new you who is refreshed, radiant and ready to show up in life like never before.

Freedom is choosing this for yourself. Freedom is knowing when you need support. Freedom is being vulnerable, open, and willing to do something different.

fade-leftfade-rightYour Journey of Inspiration and Freedom Includes:

  • Inspiring Monthly Content

    Explore and Learn.  Each module is complete with user friendly, practical and inspiring content to guide you on your way home – back to yourself and back to the health practices that are sustainable and transformative.

    Our content is infused with holistic nutrition practices, food psychology insights, yogic philosophy, strategic self-care and science and so much more.


  • Mindfulness Meditations

    Dive IN. Each month you will be given a guided meditation that is perfectly matched to the theme of the module. You can practice this soulfully guided meditation to enhance your mind-body connection, heighten your awareness in your eating practices and your subtle body, while finding a deeper love for yourself.

    These meditations are designed for ALL LEVELS of experience.

  • Yoga Sessions (all levels)

    Explore your practice. Yoga and yogic philosophy is an integral part of the The Yoga of Eating program. With each module you will receive guided practices to up your home practice on the mat and in your life. Each guided yoga session  will specifically increase your body awareness through breath, mantra, intention, and asana (postures) so that your mind-body connection is heightened and inspired as well as your love for moving your body and connecting with your heart. The Yoga of Eating yoga sessions are designed for ALL LEVELS.

  • Ready to Use Resources and Reflection Sheets

    Resources and Reflection. Enhance your personal inquiry with these user friendly home rituals and reflections to enhance your experience and provide you with all the resources you need to find your inner light. These comprise an entire library of support I have created over the years, and now shared with YOU. Your access is unlimited, and you will find that having some handy resources + engaging reflection sheets from yours truly + some of our special guests will help you to integrate, and incarnate this journey even deeper.


  • Compassionate Community + Conversation

    A Women’s Community.  Community and connection is sacred in a woman’s life.  Many of us long for community, and feel it’s painfully missing from our lives. Perhaps in your seeking to heal your relationship to the feminine, you desire to heal your relationship to other women. Whatever your experience has been up until now, you will find your own unique support, and connection within a virtual sisterhood through our monthly support sessions and our online community platforms.

  • Engaging Support

    I am here for you.  You will be tended to, supported, loved, and listened to with our supportive team at Boulder Nutrition, so that you and I stay super connected. These vibrant life and whole living nuggets will keep you excited about your health and your happiness.  Expect some touch-ins, love notes, special gifts, and regular check-ins from yours truly (and my team).

  • Potent Private Sessions

    Let’s connect one-on-one. When you sign up for The Yoga of Eating you will receive a 50% discount off private sessions. Make sure you take advantage of this bonus and take your personal transformation to the next level with intimate and caring customized support. This is a personalized intimate connection between you and I. I listen to your unique relationship with food, your health history and goals, and together we create a dynamic approach to your empowered eating quest.

  • Restorative Recipes

    YUM.  I have put together a wonderful restorative and nourishing collection of recipes, tonics, super foods and kitchen love for you to explore.  Whole food, gluten free, adaptable recipes that will re-inspire your creativity in the kitchen and pamper your palate in the process.  Here, we will also feature our special guests and some of their unique expressions with food created just to match what we are up to in The Yoga of Eating.

  • Our 2017 Guest Teachers

    Our Guest Teachers are Top Notch.   I’m bringing in my some of my favorites special guests from all over the country, so you’ll get their special, fresh, and ultra-valuable perspectives to boost your inner experience. They’ll each join us for spectacular audio-sessions to share  specialized tools  for transformation with you in their areas of expertise.

fade-leftfade-rightWelcome to Your Guest Teachers ~ 2017:

Dr. Charley Cropley

Naturopath, Inspirational Speaker, Teacher

Charley graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1979. He has been a practicing Naturopathic Physician, teacher and author in the Boulder/Denver area for the last 25 years. He has trained hundreds of doctors in his methods of nutrition and Self-Healing. He is the author of numerous articles, several books and an array of audios and videos. He has been a frequent lecturer at the colleges of Naturopathic Medicine, and is widely regarded as one of today’s leading thinkers and teachers in the philosophy and practice of Self-Healing. His methods of Self-Healing are compatible with and strengthen all forms of medicine and therapy.

Dr. Cropley no longer prescribes any medicines. He teaches his “students” to heal all manner of health problems by strengthening their skill and self-control in four areas: Wholesome nutrition, strengthening exercise, positive thinking and developing honest, caring relationships. His students learn how to master their illnesses by mastering themselves. He practices what he teaches.

Marc David

Food Psychology Expert, Best-Selling Author, Teacher

Marc is the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, a leading visionary, teacher and consultant in Nutritional Psychology, and the author of the classic and best-selling works Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet. His work has been featured on CNN, NBC and numerous media outlets. His books have been translated into over 10 languages, and his approach appeals to a wide audience of eaters who are looking for fresh, inspiring and innovative messages about food, body and soul.

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the world’s only teaching organization dedicated to a forward thinking, positive, holistic approach to nutritional psychology. IPE is unique and revolutionary in its approach – teaching students and professionals how to effectively work with the most common eating challenges of our times in their internationally acclaimed Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training. Learn more here:

Jessica Emich

Master Chef, Teacher, Owner of SHINE Restaurant and Gathering place

Jessica is the first born of triplets and she doesn’t let anyone forget it. She likes to pave the way and sets her expectations high in all her endeavors. And … she pulls it off. She graduated from University of Nevada Las Vegas with a hotel & restaurant management degree as well as graduating from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. She was the Executive and owner and Head Chef at Trilogy for its duration and has since gotten her Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition as well as a certification in Metabolic Typing. She along with Nelson Schwab is the mastermind behind the menu at Shine. She brings much expertise in the science behind her food preparation. It is her passion to nourish people in a way that makes them feel really good, and she is thrilled to be sharing her talents at Shine. You can find her at:


Kristin Savory

Acupuncturist, Hormone Specialist

Kristin started studying natural healing therapies way back in the 90’s to deal with her own hormonal quagmire.

It wasn’t until she went to acupuncture school and combined the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with whole food concentrates that she was able to crack the code of my “hormonal maze”.

Now, into her 40’s, with a family of her own (one supportive hubby and two spunky kiddos), her health and hormones are better than ever.

Kristin created the Grow Vibrant newsletter to help more women get in touch with their health and get a heads up on their hormones. Kristin specializes in helping women make the leap into hormonal freedom.

If you’d like to learn the steps that to become a master of your hormones then you can visit her at

Tamara Star

Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Tamara Star believes happiness is not an end destination, but instead the ability to see the ordinary through eyes of wonder. If you let her, she'll show you how to take the life you're living and turn it into a life you'll love. She's an international best selling author, intuitive coach, and the creator of the original 40-day Personal reboot program for women--a 6 week virtual deep dive into clearing the slate on what's blocking you from being who you know you really are, not who life has convinced you to be. Join her next 40 day reboot here. Her 1st book, a quick and easy read: "How to Survive a Break Up and Come out Thriving", is available on Amazon. Her co-authored book "Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life" sits on the International Best Sellers List. Tamara's global reach inspires women around the world through her programs, newsletters and teachings; and her work regularly appears on The Huffington Post, Daily Transformations, The Good Men Project, The Elephant Journal, and Positively Positive. For more inspiration, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

Lauren Lewis

Natural Chef, Cooking Instrustructor, Foodie Creatress

Lauren graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder then Lauren attended the School of Natural Cookery, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies. She feels she has been so fortunate to build a career out her passion for food and wellness.

We are often barraged with new diet trends, books and medical studies leaving us feeling confused and ultimately detached from the food we consume. This can become dangerous as we lose sight of our own intuition. Her approach to dealing with this is simply to think less and feel more. Lauren believes each of our bodies has the ability to tell us exactly what we need to be well and it is our job to listen, feel, and experiment.

Lauren is known for her healing foods, her passion in the kitchen, and to die for healthy nourishing food. You can find her at

Jeanie Manchester

Master Yogini, Meditation Sage, Mythology Meister

Jeanie Manchester brings more than 30 years of dedicated practice, deep study, teaching and sharing onto the mat and into the world. An ERYT 500-hour certified yoga instructor, Jeanie’s inspiration and influence stems from a strong lineage of celebrated teachers, including Dr. Douglas Brooks, Sally Kempton, Richard Freeman, and John Friend. Jeanie’s own studies include the disciplines of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara (certified) yoga, Neelakanta Meditation, and the Shri Vidya Goddess Wisdom of South India. Her background weaves modern dance, yoga, meditation, storytelling and spiritual teaching into her work today.

Jeanie brings a sense of true mastery that empowers her students toward physical and spiritual growth. With the Colorado mountains, her husband and two children as daily inspiration, Jeanie wears her various hats with humor and joy and brings a sense of lightness into the depth of her teachings and work.

River Cummings

Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist, Vedic Chanting Instructor

Over her 20+ years in the field of Yoga, River has helped herself and countless others regain optimal health and reignite passion for life. River started yoga in college after a debilitating teenage career in horse show jumping left her in need of comprehensive healing intervention. Through gentle practice, her vitality and vigor were gradually restored, and a deep desire to help others heal in body, mind, heart and spirit, was kindled. Since that time, she has dedicated herself to learning and sharing the beautiful tradition of yoga with others.

River holds both B.S. and M.S. degrees in Chemistry from Emory University and did her Ph.D. work in Chemistry at Seattle’s University of Washington. She later went on to earn certification in massage therapy. She is a dedicated long-time student of yoga, yoga therapy, and Vedic chant in the lineage of T.K.V. Desikachar and T. Krishnamacharya. She is certified as a Yoga Instructor aw well as a Yoga Therapist by the American Viniyoga Institute.

River is registered as an ERYT-500 by the Yoga Alliance and has served as Director of Education for Old Town Yoga in Fort Collins, CO for the past 10 years. She offers private consulting sessions for yoga therapy and Vedic chant, as well as teaching yoga instructor trainings, workshops, festivals, retreats and group classes worldwide. To connect with River please find her on facebook, or e-mail her directly at

Angela Grace

Yoga Instructor, Nutritional Counselor

Angela teaches yoga locally in Boulder as well as internationally. Her current labors of love include School for Radiant Living (a transformational yearlong women’s quest), local Boulder yoga programs and yoga teacher trainings, and yoga retreats in Bali and Costa Rica. With a laser-focused vision for healing, Angela empowers others to heal challenging health conditions and injuries through her powerfully effective nutritional cleanse and supplement program. A practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Angela assists others to stalk the truth, track trauma, clear energetic patterns and empower joy to emerge within sacred space and ignite fierce grace. If you find yourself saying “I’ve tried everything,” Angela assists you to step into your own power and experience success once and for all. A “wonder woman” advocate for others, Angela’s alter ego practices laughter as medicine and is well-known for her audacious laugh.

fade-leftfade-rightPraise and Potent Personal Stories:

"I have been working with Sue in her program, experiencing a new refreshing way of looking at my diet. For the first time ever, I did a cleanse with her guidance that helped me get my mind and body back into balance. I have learned more ways to provide protein into my vegetarian meals and I have worked with her guidance on making changes to my peripheral behaviors, allowing me to feel supported in my emotional well being and making it more possible to choose healthy eating habits over emotional eating habits" ~ Mariposa Linden
“I began working with Sue in her program, and she taught me balance and pleasure. Now I eat what my body needs as well as what I want. I continue to exercise, but only doing the activities I truly love and that make me feel good. Life is no longer a disciplined obligation” ~ Hope

“Over the course of our time together, I learned how to drop into myself, become more aware and in the moment and how to have more authentic relationships with women. I had time to take time for me as well as time for rejuvenation, rest and relaxation. Costa Rica was an amazing opportunity to connect with myself and the other beautiful women.” ~ Jessica

“This program is the next step in building awareness for a more fulfilled life through a healthier-happier body. I am so grateful for the introduction to this program ¬– it is a lifesaver.” ~ Ashley

"I have been very happy working with Sue. We just went over my test scores and she is very knowledgeable. I also love the fact that Sue is realistic in helping her clients - she doesn't use absolutes - she really tries to help you with what will work for you - not what will work for everyone/anyone. Sue emphasizes personalized consulting. I also went on the 2013 Bali Retreat and couldn't recommend a trip more than this one." ~ Patti Gilbert
“Working with the Sue has allowed me to make shifts in my life and open up to insights I didn't realize were waiting for me. I have run up against the same walls time and time again in my life, but throughout time I slowly saw the bricks crumble down to reveal clarity to what it is I truly desire in all areas of my life.” ~ Holly

“I am feeling much better. After Sue tested my food allergies, the gluten free, dairy free, egg free diet has helped me tremendously. My digestion and energy are so much better. Thanks Sue for all of you help and support.” ~ Shirley

“I am very pleased about my work with Sue. She is an excellent listener and we were able to get started right away with a sense of direction. I am very much appreciate working with Sue on a better health plan for myself and feel a lovely sense of care, support, and confidence from her." ~ Jennifer Martin
“I am usually one to shy away from the group thing, but something drew me in to this program, and I became very trusting of the environment and coaching. This program empowered a safe place for me to explore, become vulnerable, be challenged, and grow. This year I made life- changing moves that I may have never made by myself, or with a single coach or counselor. I highly recommend it for any woman who wants to enable her most powerful self." ~ Jennifer

“For 27 years I did not eat meat other than fish and seafood for altruistic reasons. The guidance I found with Sue has changed my view to eat right for my body type and health concerns. Being on the road of better health has energized me and showed me that altruism can still exist as a meat eater." ~ Lise

"The past year has been the craziest and most intense part of my life. Without the guidance and support from Sue I don't know how I could have not just survived this time, but really grown as a person and come out feeling the closest thing to transformed that I have ever experienced. Not only is Sue incredibly supportive and knowledgeable in what she does, her insight and inspiring energy during our sessions is what makes such a difference for me." ~ Mollie White

Do you feel the call for something big to shift this year?  

Dear sister,

I have been through this with a lot of women.

The fact that you’re here reading this, you are thinking that this might be your best chance to join with other women, improve your relationship to food and your body, and experience a mind-body connection that will shift and rejuvenate you on a deep level from here forward.

I mean after all, would you take the time to read this if you didn’t think that at some level this The Yoga of Eating was for you?

Take my hand, let’s do this together…. imagine your specific intentions and desires for the program. Before we get you started to creating this shift, think: is there anything that could stop you joining The Yoga of Eating today? I am available to connect with you to assist you with a solution.

And having addressed your concerns, if you knew absolutely for certain that this The Yoga of Eating could help you connect a to a powerful community of women, improve your relationship to food and your body for the long haul, experience connection and personal transformation, and rejuvenate on a deep level, you would join us this January, wouldn’t you?

Now that you are ready to sign up, and when you make your payment I will follow up with you to welcome you to your program experience.

Feel free to reach out as well. I am committed to your optimal experience and I am here to support you in the process.

I am so excited and relieved you are here, ready to join us in experiencing this very special women’s program, illuminating the mind-body connection, highlighting your inner wisdom, exploring the feminine with a group of health seekers and wellness warrioresses, and basking in the wanderlust of a life changing program.  This work will keep growing with you for many years to come.


Ready To Review?

  • A lifetime membership to The Yoga of Eating
  • Living practices and resources you will take with you forever
  • Sisterhood connections that will last a lifetime
  • Women-centric healing, health and wholeness
  • The Art Sacred Self-Care ~ tailored just for you
  • Alignment with your feminine rhythym – body and earth
  • Ritual, Reflection, and Resources
  • Monthly Inspiring Virtual and Digital Support
  • Guest Teachers and Specialists from all over the Country.
  • Whole Food Recipes and Tonics for your health and longevity
  • Loving support and accountability

Only you can say YES to a commitment that will transform your life in extraordinary ways. You are your own advocate for health, self-care, and evolution.  You CAN live your most empowered life around food and your body through these POTENT strategies and practices.  Come join us.


In case we haven’t officially met yet . . .


I am a LIFE TIME foodie and a pleasure junkie—the sustainable type of pleasure, that is. I embody the fine art of being a health connoisseur, while still enjoying the love of all plated things colorful and creative, and practicing the art of self-love every day.

My credentials are rooted in science, psychology and life experience. Since the birth of Boulder Nutrition in 2003, I have successfully merged a combination of yoga, nutrition and food psychology into my current private practice, Boulder Nutrition.

I specialize in women’s health and host both individual programs, and ongoing women’s groups and retreats (both locally and internationally). My work and writings have been featured in numerous publications, including People Magazine, Natural Solutions Magazine and Origin Magazine. I am a Yogini at heart. I love organic, dark chocolate, crispy kale and coconut everything.

I teach pleasure based eating and cooking to cultivate a life of health and happiness based on my own personal experiences—and living as a foodie and health food junkie.

Health Wise, my best selling book, is a culmination of my continual self-study and work as a Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach, and Yogini.


  • q-iconWhen do we start?

    Our next program begins January 2017.  Due to the life time membership, this dynamic and evolving program will always be at your fingertips .  The The Yoga of Eating immersion starts as a 6 month program and then we will continue our connection for a lifetime with new sisters, a lifetime membership and a community of like-minded women.

  • q-iconWhat is The Yoga of Eating?

    The Yoga of Eating is a transformative 6 month online program for women (with an added life time membership) incorporating food psychology practices, yoga, meditation, mind-body connection and pleasure.

  • q-iconWho is this program suited for?

    This program is suited for women who are READY to make a shift in their relationship with food, to ignite their feminine intuition, and find their power in their relationship with food and their body. There is no need for experience in yoga or meditation. This program is geared for women of all ages, and all levels of practice.

  • q-iconWhy did you create The Yoga of Eating for women?

    I created The Yoga of Eating to live out my personal purpose and contribute to a major shift around women, food, mind-body connection and pleasure. I want to reach to women all over the world creating more momentum in the collective healing for what I consider to be one of the most complex and prevalent issues of our time!

  • q-iconI am so busy; will I be able to keep up?

    You will receive a lifetime membership to this program. You can move at your own pace through the material AND we are taking it one step at a time. Each month I am carefully designing the modules to make them manageable, engaging, and do-able in a busy day-to-day life.

  • q-iconDo I have to give up my favorite foods?

    No! I am not one to create more RESTRICTION. I live by the yogic philosophy that when we ADD the right ingredients into our lives (and our plates), the NOT SO GOOD stuff tends to fall away on its own. Your transformation is one unique to you, to your own needs, and desires.

  • q-iconHow is this different from other programs out there?

    The Yoga of Eating is a mind-body eating program that turns you back to yourself. You will remember how to listen and trust your body’s own wisdom. Most eating programs are geared to restrict, count calories, and limit your pleasure with your eating. The Yoga of Eating is not that. In this program you will learn to eat intuitively, trust your body, and remember your innate desire for health and happiness.

  • q-iconWill I lose weight?

    This is not a weight loss program AND most often when we improve our relationship to food and our bodies the pounds tend to fall away. When we apply some of the age-old principles of holistic nutrition and whole food eating, our bodies are HAPPY and we can release unwanted weight quickly and easily